Georges Becherel

navigating life's tides as an author and life coach


 My professional journey into the realms of authorship and life coaching stems from a profound transformation catalysed by personal challenges. Initially envisioned in my early thirties, these career paths were deferred due to various personal reasons. However, a significant life event marked a turning point: the onset of severe panic attacks in 2010. This experience not only reshaped my perspective on life but also propelled me towards embracing and imparting values of forgiveness, compassion, and care in interpersonal engagements.


Transformational experiences and philosophical shifts



The encounter with panic attacks served as a profound catalyst for change, transforming my life’s trajectory and philosophy. Instead of perceiving these episodes as mere afflictions, they were reinterpreted as opportunities for deeper self-awareness and human understanding. This shift in perspective highlighted the fundamental belief that love is the cornerstone of existence, capable of transcending and alleviating life's adversities through the power of empathy and kindness.



Commitment to self-learning


In the educational domain, I advocate for autodidacticism. This approach is not rooted in opposition to traditional education but stems from my belief in the value of independent thinking and self-directed learning. It is a testament to my commitment to personal growth and intellectual freedom, providing a foundation for my endeavors in writing and life coaching.



Contributions as an author


The calling to become an author was driven by my intrinsic desire to explore life’s truths and to assist others on their path to enlightenment. My writing is characterized by a quest to uncover and share wisdom, aiming to guide readers towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. This mission extends beyond mere storytelling; it is about providing valuable insights that resonate with individuals across diverse life spectra.

In summary, my work as an author and life coach is dedicated to empowering individuals through knowledge, reflection, and the cultivation of empathy. My professional ethos is grounded in the belief that true understanding and progress stem from introspection, compassion, and the relentless pursuit of wisdom.


the mosaic of my writings: exploring my life's path


 Exploring My Life's Journey. Diving deep into the myriad experiences that have shaped me. This anthology mirrors the varied landscapes journeyed through, the victories and challenges faced; and the spiritual awakenings encountered. Influenced by keen observations of existence, my writings spring from the essence of my everyday experiences and the significant moments that have marked my trajectory. My goal is to forge a profound connection with readers, offering the insights and truths unearthed along my path. This odyssey extends beyond the personal, reaching out to the universal, and invites readers to see their own stories reflected in mine.


Empowering your odyssey: a reflective approach from a life coach



In my role as a life coach, the mission is to illuminate paths for people to reach their fullest potential, guiding through the complexities of self-discovery and transformation. The process involves exploring aspirations, confronting fears, and dismantling barriers that hinder growth. Armed with empathy, strategy, and steadfast support, the aim is to empower clients to take control of their lives, make purposeful decisions, and embrace the transformative journey towards a more fulfilled, balanced, and inspired existence. This journey is a collaborative one, unlocking unique strengths and paving the way for personal and professional fulfilment.



Sharing personal history: fostering connection and understanding


Sharing the tapestry of life experiences, from significant lows to exhilarating highs, serves to bridge gaps of understanding and foster a sense of community among individuals. Each narrative, marked by challenges, resilience, and triumphs, is shared as an offering of wisdom and solidarity. By revealing these intricacies, the goal is to illuminate paths for those in similar situations, validating their struggles and celebrating their successes. This act of openness is more than recounting life events; it's about connecting on a human level, offering support, and reminding everyone of our shared humanity and collective strength.




Cultural mosaic : From Spain to Mauritius and beyond


I entered this world in 1964 on the vibrant shores of Ibiza, part of Spain's picturesque Balearic Islands. With a father hailing from the verdant landscapes of Mauritius and a mother from the serene expanses of Sweden, my heritage was destined to be rich and diverse. In 1965, just a year after my birth, my journey led me to Mauritius, a gem in the Indian Ocean, where I spent my formative years. This unique cultural fusion shaped my early experiences and perspectives.


In 1994, the winds of change blew me to Sweden, my mother's homeland, where I resided until 2007. This period was significant as it allowed me to connect with my Swedish roots while also giving me a fresh perspective on my own identity. Subsequently, I split my time between France and Mauritius, soaking in diverse cultures and environments. Since 2010, my home has been in Sweden, yet the essence of Mauritius continues to pulsate within me.





Mauritian at heart


 Despite being born in Ibiza, it is Mauritius that holds a special place in my heart. The island's vibrant culture, rich traditions, and the warmth of its people have profoundly influenced who I am today. I consider myself immensely fortunate to have grown up in such a nurturing environment, where life is celebrated in harmony with nature. My Mauritian upbringing instilled in me a set of core values and principles that I carry with me to this day.


Living close to the sea, I developed a profound connection with the ocean, which remains my sanctuary and source of inspiration. The unique blend of flavours that define Mauritian cuisine has become an integral part of my identity. Though not born on its soil, I am deeply intertwined with the island's cultural fabric, holding its traditions, beauty, and ethos close to my heart.


In essence, my life's journey, from the bustling streets of Ibiza to the tranquil shores of Mauritius and the forests of Sweden, has been a rich tapestry of experiences. Each chapter has contributed to my personal narrative, shaping me into the individual I am today – a fusion of Spanish birthright, Mauritian spirit, and Swedish influence. This unique blend of cultures and landscapes has not only defined my identity but has also broadened my perspective, allowing me to appreciate the beauty of our diverse world.


Embracing Sweden, my second homeland


Sweden, for me, represents a chapter of rediscovery and growth; it's my second homeland. Since moving here in 1994, this country has shaped my adult life significantly, weaving its way into the fabric of my identity. The stark contrast between its serene landscapes and the vibrant shores of Mauritius has broadened my appreciation for nature's diversity. I've embraced the Swedish culture of 'lagom', finding a profound sense of balance and contentment in moderation. The long, dark winters and luminous summers have taught me resilience and the value of light, both metaphorically and literally. My time in Sweden has been a journey of self-discovery, where I've forged deep connections and learned the importance of community and solitude alike. As I navigate through life, the lessons and experiences from my Swedish sojourn continue to guide me, making it an indelible part of who I am.





professional and personal synopsis


a career overview


 My professional journey encompasses a diverse array of experiences. Initially, I embarked on a career in the Hospitality Industry & Tourism, an area where service and engagement are paramount. This role laid the foundational skills of customer interaction and service excellence. Progressing forward, I ventured into Sales & Marketing, harnessing the power of persuasion and understanding market dynamics. My curiosity and adaptability led me to the realm of Online Recruitment, enhancing my proficiency in digital platforms and talent acquisition. Presently, I've embraced the fulfilling roles of a Life Coach and an Author, dedicating my efforts to guide others and articulate insights through written words.





Educational background



My academic pursuits were undertaken at Lund University, where I immersed myself in French Studies within the Faculties of Humanity & Theology for a year. This educational phase not only refined my language skills but also deepened my appreciation for cultural nuances.



family life


I share my life with my esteemed partner, Felizia Pedersen Dambo, since 1999. Together, we nurture a vibrant family, raising five remarkable children: Cleo, Dante, Mavea, Tess, and Bastian. Our home is also graced by the presence of three beloved cats: Gizmo, Kanel, and Morris, adding joy and companionship to our family dynamics.


Linguistic Proficiency


Language has always been a passion of mine. I am fluent in French, my mother tongue, as well as English, Creole (from Mauritius), and Swedish, allowing me to engage and connect with a diverse range of individuals and cultures.





 Special appreciation is extended to my wife, Felizia, whose unwavering support and love have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. Her understanding and patience have been my cornerstone. Equally, my heartfelt gratitude goes to my children, who provide constant emotional support and inspiration. Their love and patience have been pivotal in shaping the individual I am today. To my family: thank you for being the guiding lights of my life.